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    About Us

    Why choose the Buda Health Center?

    Buda Health Center, the multi-recipient of the Superbrands awards, not only provides private outpatient health care services in all of our three major establishments, but it is done by our 300 private practiced, and efficient physicians covering 45 different medical fields.

    The medical staff working together over several years, have emerged as a cohesive group trained to provide the best individualized care. The feedback received from our over 300,000 patients in our 20 years of experience, provided us with insights on how to best understand, grow, and organize patients health care packages taking into consideration the value of their time and needs.

    Though our health care centers are located in frequented and central areas of the capital, our surroundings are peaceful as well as they are elegant. We emphatically emphasize the importance of providing top notch individualized care for our patients right from the moment of admission, through the evaluation process, and right down to the time of departure.

    Finally, we at Buda Health Center do not only provide experienced individual patient assistance, but we are also a contracted provider of healthcare services currently for 390 Hungarian and multinational companies.