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    The founder

    dr. Varga Péter Pál founder

    Dr. Péter Pál Varga, MD, is a spine surgeon and spine specialist recognized by both the Hungarian and the international medical community. He graduated from Semmelweis University of Medicine in 1979, and acquired his qualifying exam in orthopaedics in 1983. Between 1986 and 1991, he participated in 17 different study programmes abroad: visited Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the USA, among others, where he learnt from the best of the profession. He is an inventor of patented, unique surgical techniques.
    He established the National Center for Spinal Disorders (Hungary) in 1997, then the Buda Health Center (BHC) in 2001. BHC opened its doors at Nagy Jenő Street, welcoming private patients at the department of orthopaedics. Dr. Varga, who has extensive international relations, performs his surgeries here and treats his patients with spinal disorders here as well, who mostly come from abroad. The company has been in continuous development as exemplified by the fact that more and more medical specialties are added to its profile year after year. The screening programme and the occupational health programme started in 2002, and since 2005 BHC has been in charge of managing the National Center for Spinal Disorders. Under Dr. Varga’s management, BHC has grown to a company with a 12 billion forint annual revenue.