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Complex Treatment of Spinal Disorders

Complex treatments of spinal disorders


The complex examination and treatment of symptoms and complaints are of special importance in musculoskeletal surgery and in the conservative care of the spine. The Buda Health Center is equipped to perform all the functions of a state-of-the-art spine center, from diagnostic examinations to a wide spectrum of therapies. Hospital care* may also be provided, when needed.

Diagnosis, Examination Procedures

The examinations aim to discover the causes of disorders of the spine and the source of pain of the spine. In addition to the physical examinations and consultations, laboratory tests and radiological examinations may be done on site as well as the much needed MRI imaging necessary for diagnosing pathologies such as herniated discs and disc degeneration. Computer tomography (CT) is also available together with other diagnostics such as bone isotope and bone densitometry (for bone density measurement). In cases where the source of the spinal pain is not the spine, the wide range of available medical treatments will make it possible to run additional tests for setting up a differential diagnosis.

Therapies, Treatments

Conservative, that is non-surgical care, is available on an outpatient or, if needed, inpatient basis*. The treatments consist of movement therapy, individual physical therapy specific to the Patient's condition, various electrotherapy methods, IV injection treatments, manual therapy and health massage under the supervision of the treating doctor.

The treatments are provided at our hospital division, the National Center for Spinal Disorders*, set up with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for the complex surgical or conservative treatment of all spinal disorders.