The Buda Health Center is one of the leading private institutions of Budapest offering its patients personalized comprehensive health care.




Buda Health Center - Life.Quality.

Health is our most priceless possession. It would behoove us to consult with the best professionals the medical community has to offer in questions that concern our health. The Buda Health Center, with the help of its highly experienced and competent medical group, is such a place, committed to provide its patients the best and most dependable health care available. Its patient-centered service orientation and continuous improvements has made it one of the leading health care centers of Budapest.

Special emphasis is placed on treating patients as individuals, taking each person's needs into account from the first contact to the final medical report. We believe that, in addition to the physician's experience and know-how and well-equipped facilities, a friendly and caring atmosphere is essential to the healing process.

Trust us with your health!

We, at the Buda Health Center, offer you and your family security and peace of mind. We will responsibly care for you and protect your health and, should it be needed, treat you competently to quickly restore you to good health.